HealthPointe – a 6 week weight-loss and wellness programme

“HealthPointe is so much more than a diet. We are grateful to have been introduced to a cleaner way of eating, which is so much more nutritious and balanced. We are enjoying the benefits of the supplements that Victoria has recommended for us, which are clearly targeting the health niggles we have both put up with for so long. We are also benefitting from the support of a lovely, passionate coach who clearly wants what’s best for us and are really glad we did this!” Dawn and James

Weight management and wellness concepts in a simple and easy-to-use program

Check the video below and decide if the principles of this program will suit you.

Would you like to:

  • Have more energy – less stress?
  • Look and feel great?
  • Reduce inflammation?
  • Lose weight?
  • Minimise the risk of heart disease and diabetes?
  • Reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol?

Are you frustrated that current weight loss programs are not working because:

  • You starve and the cravings get to you
  • You find them hard to follow
  • You put the weight back on
  • You have to have intensive exercise

Here is how we help with HealthPointe

Dieters do not fail because of will power (or lack of it).  They fail because of cravings. If you can’t control the cravings, then you can’t stay on a program long enough to lose weight. The goal of HealthPointe is to teach you how to manage hunger and control cravings to help you reach your long-term wellness goals. HealthPointe used as a lifestyle change program will have you looking and feeling great and back in the driver’s seat of your health!

This program encourages the right kind of eating, snacking, supplementing and exercising to get your body to burn its own fat store.

A mindset change is essential

You can’t return to your old eating habits and for this you need to change the way you look at your food choices from here on. The simplest thing is asking yourself “will this nourish my body”.

Lots of my clients not just lost weight but also improved their blood markers, lowered cholesterol and most importantly many have learned to make sustainable habit changes.

What next?


Fill in the Assesment Form .


Book an Initial Consultation to get a comprehensive assessment of your current health status, weight loss goals, dietary preferences, and lifestyle factors. This session typically lasts 60-90 minutes. Price: $90-$120.

3 Follow Up Coaching Sessions: Weekly or fortnightly (30-60 minutes) to discuss progress, address challenges, provide accountability, and offer personalized guidance and support. Price: $30-$60 per session, depending on the duration and level of support.




Buy the HealthPointe App ($90) or  HealthPointe program pack ($115 with HealthPointe App included). 


Order the recommended supplement pack (order discussed at discovery call based on individual needs).


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What’s in the Physical HealthPointe Pack

Free HealthPointe Activation Code and information to download the HealthPointe App – sheet included in the physical HealthPointe Pack 
  • HealthPointe User Guide
  • HealthPointe Quick Reference Guide
  • HealthPointe Wellness Journal
  • HealthPointe Brochure
  • Reprogramming Your Health – Audio (Louise Evans)
  • Panel Discussion On Healthy Choice Vol. 2 – Audio (Various Speakers)
  • What is HealthPointe? – DVD (Ben Physick)

HealthPointe App

This HealthPointe app allows you to track your starting points, daily goals, and food intake for every day you are on the program. You can share them to your coach for daily progress and check-ins. It’s the perfect solution for staying on-track even when you are on the go!
You will receive daily messages with bite size information to increase your knowledge about healthy habits.
The HealthPointe app is available for iOS and Android users. Follow the steps below to download the app:
1. On your smartphone or tablet, go to or and scroll to the bottom to click on the appropriate link for your device.
2. Download the free app to your device.
3. Open the app and click Activate
4. Type in the activation code in the spaces provided on your app.
5. Congratulations! You have now unlocked more content and access for you to utilize as you are on your health journey.

“We embraced all of her guidance and followed the HealthPointe program for six weeks… It really works! We saw the benefits within a few weeks as the kgs started to drop and we felt more energized and less yuck!” Dawn and James